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Sales & Marketing Training


Marketing  & Promotional Services  delivers  hands-on practical sales training courses and marketing advice which is ideal for any business that wants to grow their  revenue and increase their client base. With over 16 years experience in the Sales and Marketing Industry, we are sure to Ever-changing customer needs and buying behavior  coupled with increased competition for value superiority are driving companies to seek new and innovative go-to-market approaches. We will guide you through an in-depth exploration of the range of possible sales strategies and the many challenging decisions critical to revenue growth.


 Our sales training  is ideal for business owners, sole traders , sales representatives or anyone who would like to gain the sales skills to grow their business.  We provide group training  and one on one training. We hope you will profit from our experience in sales training as we will:

  • Help provide a structured approach to the sales process

  • Help you implement new sales skills that will add value

  • Customer Prospecting 

  • Identifying the target decision-makers.

  • Techniques to make telephone appointments with target customers.

  • Objectives to gain a sale and organising your planning to achieve it

  • Prepare your opening and practice your call.

  • Objectives of the meeting and organise your planning to achieve it.

  • Introductions – and the value it can offer to the client.

  • Scene setting – explaining the purpose the visit, time management and take notes.

Most importantly make this a fun and interactive sales training course and to give the tools and confidence to prospect for new customers and to develop sales with existing clients. If you would you like to book a sales training Session Contact us.

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